2022 Award Winner

Death & Dying
Maincrest Media Book Award

“Allen Chankowsky’s On the Other Side of TERMINAL is a candid and moving memoir about his journey to overcoming a rare form of stage-4 cancer. The vivid manner in which Chankowsky describes his personal struggle and ultimate victory is to be commended. He adds an inspirational and positive spin to his writing, keeping readers laughing, crying, and cursing as he faces challenges head on with vulnerability and strength. He takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of self-discovery and healing, keeping them fully engaged with his raw and emotional storytelling. Moreover, his infectious sense of optimism, even when facing the harshest realities of his diagnosis, imparts invaluable wisdom on readers on how even the most difficult challenges can be conquered with a positive mindset, courage and persistence”

-Maincrest Media Editorial Review

2022 Silver Medal

Aging/Death & Dying
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2022 Finalist

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2022 Finalist

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2022 First Place

Death & Dying
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2022 Patient Advocacy Award

TargetCancer Foundation

2022 Finalist Award
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